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International Girls Summit
> Volunteer Position- Woman Mentor or Intern

Women Mentors will work as equal partners with a team of Girl Delegates, ages 12-17, to prepare for and attend Girls International Forum’s (GIF) International Girls Summit, to be held in the United States in July 2006. Women Mentors will work with their team to contribute to the development of a “Girls’ Platform for Action” and help Girl Delegates plan and implement “Action Projects” that further the goals of the Platform.

Position Specifications:
Volunteer times are flexible and the amount of time required of Women Mentors will vary throughout the project. Women Mentors will meet with their teams at least once a month for approximately four hours. Women Mentors should expect to spend additional time, as needed, to communicate with team members and other GIF volunteers and staff; participate in activities and events to accomplish Action Project goals; and provide general support to Girl Delegates.

  • Essential Responsibilities:
    • Assist with the recruitment of a local team of approximately five Girl Delegates.
    • Communicate--using translators as needed--regularly with other GIF volunteers and staff.
    • Facilitate the organization of the team’s meeting schedule, agenda and other activities/events.
    • Model and teach leadership skills needed by Girl Delegates to conduct Action Projects.
    • Network with other GIF teams, NGO’s, government agencies, and other individuals to conduct Action Projects that further the goals of the Platform.
    • Attend, along with a team of Girl Delegates, GIF’s International Girls Summit.
    • Monitor Girl Delegates’ participation and progress towards Action Project goals.
    • Participate in public relations, fundraising and evaluation efforts as needed.
  • Essential Qualifications:
    • Desire to empower girls to take action on issues affecting them now and in their futures.
    • Commitment to working in partnership with a team of Girl Delegates and one other Woman Mentor for the duration of the project: January 2006 to September 2007.
    • Ability to communicate regularly by e-mail, mail, and/or telephone.
    • Consent to background screening for adult volunteers working with youth.
    • Organizational capacity or other resources to allow Women Mentors to support Summit Team.
  • Benefits to Women Mentors:
    • Ability to network and create alliances with girls and women from around the world through participation in GIF’s International Girls Summit and Action Projects.
    • Receive training and support to practice GIF’s model of working with girls—not for them—as equal partners in decision-making and leadership.
    • Opportunity to learn from girls, develop their leadership potential through mentoring and work towards improving girls lives and the lives of people worldwide.

    For more Information: Contact summit@girlsforum.org.

International Girls Summit
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