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Survey: Girls Platform for Action

What are girls’ issues? Please share your views with us!

The survey covers five important areas of concern to girls all around the world, including: education, health, human rights, violence, and economic empowerment.

We will use your input to create a Girls Platform for Action that reflects the needs of girls around the world and that advocate action steps that girls can take to change the world!

If you are 18 years of age or younger, please complete Girls Platform for Action Survey. You do not have to answer every question and we will keep your identity confidential. We do ask you to tell us your age, where you live (city and country), and your race and ethnicity.

Thank you for your help!

Zora Radosevich, Executive Director

Errolyn Martin, Girls Summit Leader


 Please take the time to complete the full survey here:

Girls Platform for Action Survey - English

Étude du Plateforme d’action des filles - French

Plataforma de Acción de las Chicas - Spanish

Please feel free to download the PDF version of the survey which can be copied and mailed back to us. Thank you!

PDF Version of Survey

PDF de L’Enquêt

PDF Platforma de Accion de las Chicas


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