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GIF holds a series of projects and forums for girls to learn about policies that affect their lives, to gain skills, and to develop cross-cultural relationships with girls around the world who are all working to improve the lives of girls.

Current projects

2009 Global Girls Day

2011 International Girls Summit

Past projects

2006 International Girls Summit

2006 Global Girls Day

A Girls Agenda

Girls’ Declaration of Sentiments


2009 Global Girls Day

We hope that this years Global Girls Day will be just as successful as previous years. To make this happen or to be a part of it, sumbit your contact information and we will get back to you! Click here to submit contact information.

2011 International Girls Summit

We are currently in the process of getting this together. If you would like to be a part of it, sumbit your contact information and we will get back to you! Click here to submit contact information.

2006 International Girls Summit

Listen to Girls and Imagine the Possibilities…
Imagine girls sharing as equals in decision-making about issues most important to them.

Imagine girls gaining leadership tools to improve their lives and the lives of people worldwide.

Imagine a diverse, global delegation of girls creating a 21st Century Girls’ Platform for Action, sparking a movement involving thousands of girls worldwide.

That is exactly what happened! GIF was awarded a $200,000 matching grant from the U.S. State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to host an International Girls Summit. The Summit took place in Minnesota July 8-16, 2006. The primary aims of the Summit were to call attention to global issues facing girls and women, develop community-based action projects to address them, and create bonds among the attendees that will strengthen and inspire them as they grow.

A diverse, national steering committee of 15 girls (ages 12-18) developed and organized all aspects of the Summit project. This committee reached out to their international peers with the goal of uniting them in global efforts to improve lives. They recruited teams (each team includes five girls and two women mentors) from around the world. Teams came from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia, Israel, India, and the United States and worked together to create the Girls Platform for Action.

Each team added their unique community-based project to the Girls Platform for Action. These projects ran the gamut: From creating a girl-directed documentary exposing gender-based violence in South Africa, to peer- tutoring for children without schools due to natural disasters in Indonesia. Throughout the week, the teams of girls learned and practiced the skills needed to return to their communities to change policies that will improve lives of girls. They left the Summit with detailed year-long action projects that they are now hard at work implementing in their communities, with the support of their Women Mentors. The passion for action fueled this gathering and immeasurable benefits of idea-sharing, and cultural exchange were no small complement to the Summit’s success.

Click here to Meet the International Teams



2006 Global Girls Day

Girls addressed worldwide issues on Global Girls Day

Global On Saturday June 23rd, Girls International Forum (GIF) hosted the 2nd annual Global Girls Day event at Macalester Collage in St. Paul, Minnesota. For this event, Girl Summit Leaders facilitated workshops on girls education, human trafficking, gender-based violence, and HIV/AIDS.

Presenters from the Minnesota AIDS Project, Asian Media Access, TVByGirls, Civil Society, WATCH, and New Moon Magazine all helped make the day a great success!

Girls participated in day-long workshops to learn more about global issues and work together to create active solutions. The girls came up with some great solutions, such as theater, poetry, writing letters to policy-makers and using images to build awareness and support among legislators and the public to advocate for change. The day closed with an ice cream social and a West African and Hip-Hop dance performance.



A Girls Agenda

We wanted girls' voices to be heard at the conference because we believe girls have important and unique opinions on issues that affect them and their lives as both girls and women. Therefore, we compiled a Girls Agenda to let girls speak for themselves. We came up with five questions:
  • What girls issues should the Conference discuss?
  • What is the biggest problem for girls?
  • What are girls' greatest strengths
  • How can girls make things better for girls?
  • How can adults make things better for girls?

We asked girls around the world to answer them. We used the pages of New moon magazine, the Interment, and word of mouth to solicit a wide variety of answers that are a good sampling of what girls think.We brought those answers to Beijing and presented them at the conference. Many of the ideas brought up by the girls were already a part of the Platform for Action. One major exception was the recurring theme that adults need to listen to girls and take them seriously.GIF was represented at the Fourth World Conference on Women in September 1995 to promote a girls' agenda.



Girls' Declaration of Sentiments

In 1998, 15 girls from across the United States came to Seneca Falls, New York, to participate in the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the first National Women's rights convention and to draft a Girls Declaration of Sentiments. Crafted with input from hundreds of girlsthrough surveys and forums, the girls Declaration of Sentiments was presented at the Convention's clsoing ceremonies and entered into the Congressional Record.

Full Declarations of Sentiments Here


Global Girls Day

A Girls Agenda, Beijing, 1995

Girls' Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls, 1998



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Beijing +5 United Nations special session to assess world progress on the goals of the Platform for Action adopted in Beijing in 1995

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