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GIF in Beijing
Listen to Girls - A Girls Agenda

We wanted girls' voices to be heard at the conference because we believe girls have important and unique opinions on issues that affect them and their lives as both girls and women. Therefore, we compiled a Girls Agenda to let girls speak for themselves.

We came up with five questions:

  • What girls issues should the Conference discuss?
  • What is the biggest problem for girls?
  • What are girls' greatest strengths
  • How can girls make things better for girls?
  • How can adults make things better for girls?

We asked girls around the world to answer them. We used the pages of New moon magazine, the Interment, and word of mouth to solicit a wide variety of answers that are a good sampling of what girls think.

We brought those answers to Beijing and presented them at the conference. Many of the ideas brought up by the girls were already a part of the Platform for Action. One major exception was the recurring theme that adults need to listen to girls and take them seriously.

GIF was represented at the Fourth World Conference on Women in September 1995 to promote a girls' agenda.

Listen To Girls: A Girls Agenda

Fourth World Conference on Women
September 4-18, 1995.

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