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Fundraising Kit

> Fundraising Kit Contents (Printable Version)

>> Letter of Introduction from Girls Summit Leaders


Girls International Forum (GIF) is a non-profit organization created to empower girls to take action on issues affecting them now and in their future. We are members of GIF’s Girls Summit Leaders Team, a group of fifteen girls from across the United States and Canada who organized the International Girls Summit,that was held in July 2006.

We brought together girl delegates and their women mentors from around the world to discuss how to improve the lives of girls and their communities. Together, we created a Girls’ Platform for Action and “Action Projects,” based on the goals of our Platform.

The Summit was a huge success. Now, we need your help to raise funds to implement our action projects, and begin planning for the next International Summit.

We invite you to join us by holding a fundraiser in your community. Check out the rest of our Fundraising Kit, which we designed to give you information and material to make it easy and fun to organize a successful fundraising event of your own.

We appreciate your interest and hope you, too, can be part of Girls International Forum!

Mai Chong, Jessica, Yezenia & Alice
Girls Summit Leaders
Fundraising Committee
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>> Event Ideas

Here are ideas to help you create your own fundraiser!

  • Have a garage/yard sale. Look around your room, house, garage, and neighborhood for stuff that is no longer being used. Put your junk to use.
  • Organize a bottle drive. Recycle while getting a refund.
  • Have a “penny drive.” Ask your friends to save their change for a month, two months or longer. Watch all your pennies turn into dollars!
  • Organize a car wash. Make a splash for a good cause.
  • Have a bake sale. Think about selling your baked goods around a holiday or special occasion, such as Mother’s Day or International Women’s Day.
  • You don’t need to leave your neighborhood…set up a lemonade stand or fire up your backyard barbeque.
  • Show off your craft…and sell it at an event you organize.
  • Ask a local “celebrity” to speak or perform. How about an actor, woman’s or girls’ activist, poet, politician, singer/song writer, musician, comedian, athlete, or writer?
  • Throw a party or a dance. There are so many reasons to celebrate girls! Sell tickets to the event. Look for a donation of a great door prize and sell raffle tickets during your party.
  • Host a dinner or tea party and ask for a $10, $20 or $30 donation per “plate.” Make it an ongoing gathering by finding a different friend to host a party each month.
  • Create a book club for the purpose of reading more girls’ and women’s literature. Ask your local bookstore to sponsor a fundraiser.
  • Have an open house. Show a short video, tell your guests about girls’ issues most important to you, provide informational handouts, and ask people to support the work of Girls International Forum.
  • Sell tickets for a film.
  • Organize an auction. This is a great way for individuals and businesses to advertise their products while showing their support for girls.
  • Are you an athlete? Ask people to sponsor (pdf sponsorship form) your participation in a sporting event, such as a walkathon, marathon or swimathon. Then collect the donations your sponsors pledged after completing your event.
  • Set up an informational booth/table. This is an easy way to inform people about girls’ issues and ask for a donation—even if you have just met them. If unable to donate, encourage people to give you their contact information if they would like to receive more information on participating in Girls International Forum in other ways.
  • Donate a portion of your income from your allowance or job. Or take on an extra lawn mowing, babysitting or other part-time job. Tell your family, friends and employer that you plan to donate a portion of your earnings and ask them to match it!
  • Always fun…how about a pie-eating contest, duck derby, self-produced play or fashion show?

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>> Tips: 5 Easy Steps

The basic tools you need to organize a fundraiser are right here!

Step 1: Look at each section listed in the Fundraising Kit Contents.

If you are unable to download or print the kit, please request one by contacting us at: forum@girlsforum.org

Step 2: Plan your fundraising event.

  • Decide on the type of fundraising event you would like to organize.
    • Check out the 20+ Event Ideas.
    • Figure out how many people you will need to help you with the event.
    • Determine how much time you need to plan, and then hold, your fundraiser.
    • Make a checklist, including the things you will have to do and the supplies needed, by using this Tips list as a reference.
    • Create a budget, remembering that local businesses and individuals are often willing to donate supplies, such as paper for flyers or food and beverages to serve your guests.
    • Schedule your planning meeting(s).
  • Decide who you want to invite – people are the most important part of fundraising.
    • Figure out how many people can attend your event.
    • Make a list of all the people you want to invite.
    • List all the places where you can advertise your event.
    • Mail or e-mail invitations to your relatives, friends, neighbors, and others on your list.
    • Post flyers at schools, local businesses, places of worship, community centers, and even busy street corners.
    • Contact your local newspaper, radio station or community newsletter to announce your event or do a story about you and Girls International Forum’s project.
    • Get people interested in girls’ issues and your event by talking and handing out our Flyer.
    • Contact us by email to let us know what you are planning or if you have questions.

Step 3: Organize your fundraising event.

  • Use a checklist to prepare for the fundraiser. Make a list of everything you will need to purchase, request, collect, and/or schedule for the day of your event.
    • Ask for donated supplies or services (such as entertainment by a local musician). Make these requests well before your event.
    • Create a schedule of all volunteers. Make sure each volunteer understands her or his role, as well as what others are doing and when.
    • If you have created a good checklist ahead of time, staying organized should be easy!

Step 4: Host your fundraising event.

  • On the day of your event, first of all, have fun! But don’t forget a few essential tasks:
    • Collect your guests’ contact information, using our Sign-Up Form (pdf), including their mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
    • Consider assigning a volunteer to ask guests to sign in as they arrive. This is important so that you can thank them and send them information on any future events.
    • Ask for and collect donations by having people complete our Donation Agreement Form (pdf). Don’t be shy—people attending a fundraiser expect to be asked. They want to support a good cause.
    • There are many ways to ask for donations. You might ask for a specific donation amount for attending your event, pass a hat, sell items, ask people to write a check after a presentation, or collect pledges—just remember to ask! That is the real secret to fundraising.
    • Educate your guests and help them leave more aware than when they arrived. Provide copies of our Flyer (pdf). Provide handouts using information from our recommended Fact Sheets or by gathering information on girls’ issues most important to you. Show a video, give a short talk or bring in a presenter.
    • Publicly thank individuals and businesses that have donated services or supplies. Hanging a thank you sign is one way to recognize donors.
    • Have fun and be proud of all your hard work. We appreciate your help!

Step 5: Follow Up!

  • After your event, don’t forget to follow up.
    • A thank you note is one of the most important tools in fundraising. After your event, send cards thanking all of the people and businesses that donated their time, products or services, and money! People will feel appreciated and want to participate in the future.
    • Make copies of the Sign-Up Forms (pdf) you collected and send them to Girls International Forum, P.O. Box 16007, St. Paul, MN 55116 USA. We want to thank people, too. We may also want to send them more information about girls’ issues and our work.
    • Mail the Donation Agreement Forms (pdf) along with the contributions you collected to us. Please do not send cash through the mail. If you received cash contributions, please send a check or money order.
    • If you used our Sponsorship Form to gather pledges (dependent on the completion of your event), collect the donations you earned and mail them along with Donation Agreement Forms to us.
    • Tell us about your fundraiser, so we can share your success with others by posting your story on our website. Send a picture if you can.
    • Think about how fun it was. Consider hosting an ongoing or new event!

>> Fact Sheets & Other Event Resources

Fact Sheets:
You may want to plan your fundraising event around educating your guests on one topic, and creating a handout or two can be a helpful tool. You may already be an expert on a girls’ issue important to you or maybe you want to learn more…

Some of the main global areas of concern regarding girls include the right to an education and the spread of HIV/AIDs. We found the fact sheets published by Working Groups on Girls (WGGs) a good overview of these and other complex issues affecting girls, yet they are short and easy to understand. They also provide lists of sources if you want to learn more about a specific topic. You can access these fact sheets under “Fact Sheets About the Situation of Girls” at:

Using a video or film as part of your fundraising event is another great resource to help your guests become more aware of girls’ issues.

Women Make Movies (WMM), a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization, is one good source of videotapes and independent films by and about women and girls. WMM sells and rents over 400 titles. Find out more by checking out their website or contacting them at:
Women Make Movies
462 Broadway
Suite 500 WS
New York, NY 10013

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