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Position Summary: Girls Summit Ambassadors provide critical support to Girls International Forum’s (GIF) 2006 International Girls Summit through: cultural exchange with girls worldwide; organizing to help spread the word; and direct participation in the creation of a Girls’ Platform for Action, Summit events and Action Projects. Summit Ambassadors may volunteer as a group or as individuals.  Essential Tasks:
  • “Adopt” a country of interest to you from among those represented by our international summit teams, then reach out to girls living there and learn about their lives. Educate yourself about GIF’s five “Areas of Concern” (chosen to frame our Girls’ Platform for Action) as they relate to girls in “your” country. Communicate with girls in “your” country and let them know how girls there can help create our Girls’ Platform for Action and get involved in Action Projects.

  • Spread the word in your community by organizing outreach or fundraising event(s) to help involve as many girls as possible and support the goals of the Summit. GIF will provide you with many helpful tools, such as brochures, our girl-designed Fundraising Kit, press releases, and PowerPoint presentations. All you need is your creativity and desire to tell people about this project and invite them to join.

  • Learn leadership skills and meet GIF’s international delegation of girls at the International Girls Summit through workshops and Ambassador receptions.

    (Participation is optional: Ambassadors wishing to attend the Summit must arrange and pay for their own transportation and accommodations.)
  • Participate in post-Summit Action Projects.
  • Ages 12-17.
  • Desire to empower girls to take action on issues affecting them now and in their futures.
  • Commit to serving a minimum of 12 months between Fall 2005 and Fall 2007.
  • Ability to volunteer an average of 5 hours per month, a minimum of 60 hours total.
  • Access to the Internet and ability to communicate by e-mail.
  • Capacity to organize one or more outreach or fundraising events. (There is no minimum fundraising requirement, but Ambassadors are encouraged to fundraise in order to build leadership skills and further the work of Girl Delegates.)
  • Ability to communicate in a second language, in addition to English, is highly desirable.
  • Submission of volunteer application and “Agreement of Support” signed by a parent/guardian.


    • Connect with girls worldwide and help girls’ voices everywhere be heard.
    • Build awareness of girls’ issues and rights.
    • Gain knowledge of and practiceleadershipskills.
    • Join a girl-led movement to improve your life and the lives of people worldwide.

     Position Details: Volunteer times are flexible and the amount of time needed to serve as an Ambassador will: 1) vary throughout the project; 2) depend on how many Ambassadors are in your group; and 3) be determined by your event goals. Here are two examples of how an Ambassador (or a group of Ambassadors) might spend her time:  


    • 12 hrs.   Country Research/Outreach
    • 14 hrs.   Small/House Event:
      • 2 planning meetings = 4 hrs.
      • organizing = 6 hrs.
      • hosting event = 2 hrs.
      • follow-up = 2 hrs.
    • 16 hrs.   Attending Summit
    • 18 hrs.   Action Project Participation
    • 60 hrs.    TOTAL HOURS


      • 12 hrs.  Country Research/Outreach
      • 38 hrs.  Large/Community Event:
        • 4 planning meetings = 8 hrs.
        • organizing = 20 hrs.
        • hosting event = 4 hrs.
        • follow-up = 6 hrs.
      • 16 hrs.   Attending Summit
      • 18 hrs.   Action Project Participation
      • 84 hrs.    TOTAL HOURS
 Become a Girls Summit Ambassador Today!

1. Download the Girls Summit Ambassador Application form or request it by contacting us at summit@girlsforum.org or 651-645-3636.  

2. Submit your application to:  
Girls International Forum Ambassador Applications
2324 University Avenue West Suite 106
St. Paul, MN 55114

3. Once we review your application, we will mail you an Ambassador Orientation Packet.

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